Works List

Deus ex Machina, 2008-10, for large ensemble (flt, clnt, tpt, tbn, perc, vln, vla, vc, cb) and heavy metal trio

The Why of Azathoth, 2007-08, for flute and microtonal harpsichord

orbiting the singularity, 2004-07, for string quartet

Echo of Self, 2005-06, for chamber ensemble (flt, b. clnt, tpt, perc, vln, vla, vc, cb)

Episodes, 2005, for viola solo

Small Portrait, 2005, for violoncello solo

Suicide Engine, 2005, for chamber ensemble (flt, ob, clnt, tbn, perc, vln, vla, cb)

Das Reittier, 2004, for piccolo, viola, percussion, and three kazoo players

Limited Interactions, 2003-04 for violoncello and trombone

Music for 10,000 Instruments, 2003, for solo instrument or variable ensemble

For Mark Randall Osborn, 2003, for solo trombone and tape

Christmas Song, 2002, for 2 sopranos and 8-part trombone ensemble

The Lost, 2002, for 6-part bassoon ensemble

GNIS IREN OB MORT, 2001-02, for 12-part trombone ensemble