Top 9 Romantic Bedroom Ideas

A nice bedroom set-up will get your romantic juices flowing and set the bedroom on fire! However great any bedroom arrangement is, the mood can wear out quickly since romantic fires need constant stoking. Borrow some of these tried and tested romantic bedroom ideas to keep the flame burning.

Love lighting

A special setting deserves special lighting. Nothing sets the romantic mood like alluring lighting. Do it well, and you will see your partner in a new light, in every sense of the word. Experiment with soft lighting options such as high, string, lantern, and concealed lights.


A bit cliché, but it works every time. Go crazy with flowers! Sprinkle some on the bed, floor, but remember to set some on a vase. The colorful display and wonderful smells are enough to melt the hardest of hearts.


Every room looks dreamy and romantic under candlelight. Any room bathed with the soft, flickering light would turn into a romantic sanctuary.

Boundary curtains

Create a private nest by hanging curtains around the bed. Privacy will enhance feelings of security. It also keeps you isolated from any distraction, perfect for creating some romantic moments.

Art attack

Spice up the bedroom with some evocative art pieces. Grab their attention with artwork that will stimulate their minds.

Sweet nothings

Add some creativity to the place. Remember all the sweet nothings you told your partner? Now write them all over your bedroom. Simple. Fun. Romantic.

Cool colors

Bold colors can be garish, so why not tone it down? Go for soft colors, especially the romantic reds and pinks. Soft colors have a way of stimulating people.


One of the easiest ways to set the mood is to get some plush, inviting bedding. You do not even have to change your bedding; add some plush sheepskin throws or a fur rug.

Beach beauty

If the beach will not come to you, who says you cannot bring the beach to your bedroom? Ignite nostalgic, romantic memories with a beach set-up. The beach evokes a sense of calm, a great template to bring out your partner’s romantic side.