Styling a Sideboard – Check Out These Tips!

Making a piece of furniture look good is an art, and the secret is to use simple décor tricks. A sideboard provides both storage space and acts as an excellent place to display attractive and beautiful elements to enhance the interior décor. Although it was traditionally used as storage for dinnerware, it has become a decorative element in any room and for storing your bits and pieces. If your hallway, bedroom, or dining room décor needs upgrading, bringing in a new sideboard style may be the best call of action. Carry on reading to learn some useful tips to help you do that.

The Rule of Three

One of the challenges of styling a long sideboard is finding the most creative way of covering the entire space without making it look all hodgepodge.

A great idea to overcome this difficulty is to adhere to the ‘Power of Three.’ It means grouping your décor elements in threes. The rule of three also goes for horizontal arrangement: one group on the right, another on the left, and one at the centre. It’s a trick that has worked since time immemorial.

Spark Conversations with a Unique Piece

Ever been on holiday or trip and got a souvenir or a quirky piece that got you wondering: “Where will I even place this?” Well, the sideboard might just be the perfect place to display them. You can create you can display your arty side by placing these creative crafts on your sideboard. These can range from items such as mini sculptures to glass candlesticks or handmade candelabras.

Such items can catch the eye of guests and elicit all sorts of positive comments. Even so, ensure that you space the items to avoid dust traps.

Think Groups

Do you have a collection of ceramics or treasured special-occasion tableware? You should look for a new sideboard that can help you cluster these items together on one side of the sideboard to create a stylish piece of mini-art. You can also cluster various items, such as books [on one end], and vases in the middle, and a beautiful lampstand on the other side to mix up the cluster design.

Having a sideboard is an excellent way of utilizing space in the home. That shouldn’t stop there; you need to style furniture to enhance your interior décor. Using the tips highlighted above, you can transform your sideboard from a piece of mere storage furniture to a piece of art.