Mid-Century Modern Style

Mid-Century Modern style is a designing method that was developed by Bauhaus architects and inventors who shifted to America due to economic transformations in Germany immediately after the Second World War. The key characteristics of this style are; it is always functional and can be simply implemented. Notably, the Mid-Century Style became prevalent in America during the 1930s to 1960s. However, this technique is used by many renters in the modern days to change the décor of their house. Technological developments after the Second World War led to evolution of brand-new materials that were use for house decoration.

Some of the distinctive features of the mid-century modern style include:

It is understated

The designers wanted to furnish their houses differently compared to how they did it before the World War. This is because they wanted to forget the horrific events that had happened in the war. As such, they did not overfill their living spaces. homeowners arranged their houses in a manner that they ensured that they created much space.

Organic and Geometric

Designers during the era ensured that their houses had large windows to ensure free-flow of air in such homes. Moreover, windows bring a touch of freshness in a house making a house comfortable and luxurious. Additionally, in the modern century homeowners used wood, metal and leather to construct and furnish their living rooms.


Designers during this period constructed and made all decorations in a house for a purpose. For example, floor plans were determined with the purpose of a room. During this time nothing was done unnecessary. Lastly, all rooms were well arranged to create a cosy feeling and an adorable outlook to one’s visitors.

Use of Brand New Materials

Besides, during this phase new substances were used to construct houses and bring an appealing view. For example, fibreglass and ply woods were used. Fibreglass was used to build glass windows while ply wood was utilized to sub-divide different rooms in a house.

How to Comfortably Use Mid-Century Technique Today

You should not try to apply the mid-century method at a go. Numerous items used during this period were bright and bold hence you should blend them with other decorating styles. If you need more tips on how to apply this method to your living space you can always consult Tylko’s guide to mid-century modern style. The guide advises you on the color pattern and the furniture to purchase to properly integrate the mid –century modern model in your house.